2 Inspiring Creating The Person You Want To Be Videos

There are times I really like the person I choose to be. This is one of those times, and being conscious that you can MAKE that choice is half the journey! Who are YOU choosing to be today?
  1. Choosing To BE The Fiction

    So, again, I only made this video to remind myself that we can all choose at any moment who we want to be.
  2. Extreme Homeless Man Makeover!

    These guys decided to make a video, and do something nice. I wonder how the homeless guy is doing now? I often have fantasies about creating businesses for the homeless, and one of these days I’ll get around to it!
Y’know, we all get to choose who we want to be, and blogging is a way for us to demonstrate that. Most people are running around doing “work” just so they can pay bills, but what if you could earn money just be discussing your passion? Wouldn’t THAT be better? Click the link for more info.

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